Lenny Breau Instructional Materials


A personal tribute to jazz guitarist Lenny Breau

by Stephen D. Anderson with Ronald Cid

The book is divided into 5 chapters ( 'Comping chords', 'Harmonics', 'Quartal harmony', 'Three Against Two' and a special chapter called 'Dig This....'

123 pages of examples, pictures, special insights, information and also a terrific resource for any fingerstyle jazz player.

Each chapter reveals techniques in such depth and insight, the clear and precise explanations of harmony, technique, comping chords, all add up to an inspired and creative new approach to learning the Lenny Breau technique.

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The following book is available from Mel Bay Publications, Inc.

Lenny Breau-"Fingerstyle Jazz" By John Knowles & Lenny Breau

Catalog Number: MB93972

This book includes transcriptions of "Five O'Clock Bells", "Little Blues", and "Freight Train" in standard notation as well as tablature. Lenny also explains some of his techniques and approaches to playing chords and soloing. Includes 60 pages. This book is also available as a book/cassette tape package or as a book/compact disc package. The cassette tape/compact disc features Lenny playing the exercises in the beginning of the book. Total running time is 19 minutes.

For more information or to order this book call Mel Bay at 1-800-863-5229.

"The Guitar Style Of Lenny Breau" with Paul Bourdeau

This 95 minute instructional video, hosted by Canadian guitarist Paul Bourdeau, explores Lenny's use of Artificial Harmonics, Essential Tones Comping, Lenny's right-hand techniques, Lenny's scale selections and single note soloing techniques, and Lenny's Speciality Chords. Includes booklet with 55 examples in standard notation and tablature.

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